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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

  • Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo, Japan
Data Production Department

Job description

The Data Production Department is responsible for satellite operations, image data production, and distribution of data products of our proprietary small SAR (synthetic aperture radar) satellites, the "StriX" series.

The Satellite Operation Planning Unit has the responsibility of making operation plans of our satellites, generating commands for the satellites based on the operation plans, and registering the generated commands to our satellite control system. The unit is also responsible for data management necessary for operations.


In this position, as a member of the Data Production Department, you will join the Satellite Operation Planning Unit which is responsible for developing and operating the Spacecraft Control Subsystem for our small SAR satellite constellation "StriX" series. The Spacecraft Control Subsystem is one of the subsystems to operate our satellite constellation. Our responsibility is to keep the system working reliably at all times.

Details of work:

The roles of the Spacecraft Control Subsystem are making operation plans for our satellites, generating commands for them, and calculating specific information of our satellites such as past and future position and velocity data to use them in the planning process.
Since this is an in-house system development, we will not only develop but also operate the system to add and improve future functions.
The person in this position has the responsibility to maintain and update the infrastructure of the Spacecraft Control Subsystem, and achieve continuous improvement without any troubles. The person will also collaborate with other infrastructure engineers in the company to introduce best practices to our system, support development and operation of other systems.

Selling points of this role:

We’ve already operated 3 satellites in orbit, and the number of satellites will increase rapidly in the near future. Because the Spacecraft Control Subsystem has already been used for our daily operations, we cannot perform our daily satellite operations without it. You will be involved in the maintenance and operation of such an important system.

You will be also involved in the core of our business by maintaining the Spacecraft Control Subsystem because it has interactions with our data platform which is used as the frontend to customers, and the Data Processing Subsystem which generates SAR products.

Now we plan to expand our satellite constellation rapidly and we are required to operate our satellites with more stability and less personal effort. You will be able to show your skill and grow yourself through achieving these requirements.

Job requirements

  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes on Google Cloud or AWS for more than 3 years.

  • Experience working in a team of more than 3 members.

  • Experience managing infrastructure by Infrastructure as Code tool (such as Terraform, Pulumi, etc) for more than a year.

  • Experience with Observability and Site Reliability Engineering.

  • Experience with cost optimization of systems.

  • Experience with Incident Management and Post-Mortem Analysis.

  • Basic Networking Principles and Concepts.

  • Comfortable with communicating in English, both written and spoken.

  • Able to commute to our Tokyo head office (at Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo. Expected frequency is 2 or 3 days per week).

Preferred qualifications: 
  • Experience with Development with event driven processes.

  • Experience integrating tracing solutions in a microservices based system.

  • Experience working as a leader or sub-leader in infrastructure management.

  • Experience developing and operating large-scale applications.

  • Experience designing cloud architecture with Google Cloud or AWS.

  • Experience working in the space domain (ground system development is ideal)

  • Fluent communication in Japanese.

Data Production Departmentは、弊社独自の小型SAR(合成開口レーダ)衛星である「StriX」シリーズの衛星運用、画像データ生産、配信を行っています。
 Satellite operation planning unitでは、衛星群の運用計画の立案、衛星操作のためのコマンドの生成およびコマンドの衛星制御システムへの登録を行っています。また、これら業務に必要となる情報の生成・管理も実施しています。


 本ポジションでは、Data production departmentの一員として、弊社小型SAR衛星コンステレーションの運用に用いるSpacecraft control subsystemの開発・運用を担っていただきます。

Spacecraft control subsystemは衛星運用計画の立案、衛星操作のためのコマンド作成、およびこれらの処理に必要となる軌道情報等の関連情報の計算を担当するシステムです。弊社が開発した衛星のためのシステムであり、開発のみならずシステム運用や機能改善なども担当いただきます。

 本ポジションの方には、Spacecraft control subsystemのインフラストラクチャのメンテナンスや更新を担っていただきます。Spacecraft control subsystemはすでに日々の衛星運用に用いているシステムであるため、日々の衛星運用業務に影響を与えずにこれらの作業を実施する必要があります。


 弊社は現在3機の衛星を運用しており、機数は今後も急速に増える見込みです。Spacecraft control subsystemは弊社の衛星運用に欠かすことの出来ないシステムであり、このようなビジネスにおいて極めて重要なシステムの開発および管理に携わることが出来ます。

 また、このシステムは顧客へのデータ提供を担うData platformやSARプロダクトを生成する画像処理システムとのインタフェースを持つため、開発および管理を通して弊社のコアビジネスへの貢献が可能です。




  • 3年以上のGoogle CloudまたはAWSでのDockerおよびKubernetesの使用。

  • 3人以上のメンバーを持つチームでの業務。

  • 1年以上のTerraformやPulumi等のInfrastructure as Code(IaC)ツールを用いたインフラストラクチャ管理。

  • ObservabilityおよびSite Reliabilityに関わる業務。

  • システムのコスト最適化。

  • インシデントおよびポストモーテムの管理。

  • ネットワーク構築、維持の基本的な業務。





  • イベントドリブンなプロセスの開発。

  • マイクロサービスシステムにおけるトレーシング機能の開発。

  • リーダーまたはサブリーダーとしてのインフラストラクチャ管理。

  • 大規模システムの開発・運用。

  • Google CloudまたはAWSでのクラウドアーキテクチャの設計。

  • 宇宙分野(特に地上システム開発)での業務。

  • 日本語での円滑なコミュニケーション能力。


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