Customer Solutions Engineer

Job description

We are developing an industry-specific SaaS model service that utilizes satellite data.
Combining new geospatial and terrestrial data through data science, we aim to support data-driven decision making, business growth, and risk management.
Two important coming milestones are about to come soon in 2020. First, the release of a geo-intelligence SaaS Service and second, launch our own small radar satellite.

Your objectives

  • Understand SAR satellites technical advantages and wide range of data-scientific solutions and develop engaging communications for stakeholders
  • Work closely with entire team members to develop a proactive strategy for accelerating our business
  • Geo-spatial solutions development, operation, and maintenance 

Job requirements


Minimum qualifications

  • High exposure to project management, with experience in PDCA cycle management
  • Possession of both oral and written project communication skill with experience of project communication across stakeholders (both internal and external department and/or company)
  • Master’s, PhD degree, further education or experience in engineering, computer science or other technical related field
  • Fluent in English and Japanese


Preferred qualifications

  • Having extensive knowledge/expertise regarding industry verticals in one of the following sectors: physical asset management, construction, power & energy, or insurance
  • Experience in BtoB business and or sales, in particular related to cloud service
  • Experience in GIS or remote sensing data analysis


Our Culture:
  • Mission:
    Synthetic Data for Perspective on Sustainable Development
  • Vision:
    Efficient, accountable and resilient world
  • Business
    1. Solution services with satellite data
    2. Development and operation of small SAR satellites
  • Behavior:
    Time is the most important resource. We, as one team, aim to achieve the best results in the shortest time.
    1. Fairness
      • Respect each member’s lifestyle, experiences, culture and mission
      • Be honest to data
      • Appreciate counter opinions and feedback
    2. Efficiency
      • Take a control of your time and be responsible to your performance
      • Make recurring tasks automated
      • Carry out through “selection and concentration”
    3. Proactiveness
      • Proactively identify problems and act immediately
      • Never afraid to fail
      • Be candid and ask team for help whenever needed
    4. Collective Intelligence
      • Individual growth leads to team growth. Keep learning and share with the team
      • Be social and expand your network. Use external resources as necessary
Compensation & Arrangements:
  • Employment system: Full-time(Nontenured). All members are contract-based employees. The contract is renewed in every 6 months based on Management by objective to assist individual growth and team growth
  • Benefits: Commuting expense, health insurance, employees' pension insurance
  • Flexible work-hour and location
  • Others: Part-Time or second job allowed