Data Service Customer Engineer/カスタマーエンジニア

Job description

地上システム開発部(Ground System Department)は、自社開発の合成開口レーダー(SAR)、StriX衛星シリーズを運用管理するシステム、および衛星から取得した観測データを顧客へ販売する画像データプラットフォームの設計、開発、運用を担っています。 2020年12月にはStriX初号機の打ち上げに成功し、2023年までに6機を打ち上げてアジアの人口100万人以上の都市の観測データを1日1回以上取得できるようにし、2025〜2030年の間に30機体制を実現、世界の100万人以上の都市をカバーする計画です。宇宙空間の軌道上にある衛星を運用管理するシステムは取り扱うデータ量も多く、取り組みがいのある技術課題も多くあります。


  • StriX衛星画像データプラットフォーム (DaaS) の開発、運用
  • 顧客との技術調整
  • セキュリティ要求の高い顧客向けのオンプレミスシステムの開発、保守

Job requirements


  • 顧客向けオンプレミスシステムの構築、運用経験
  • 官公庁向けシステムの開発経験
  • プログラミング経験
  • 英語に抵抗がない


  • システム開発もしくは運用保守のプロジェクトマネジメント経験
  • ネットワーク技術の知識・構築経験
  • ビジネスレベルの英語

Our Culture:
  • Mission:
    Synspective creates the Learning World where people can expand their capabilities and make tangible progress with new data and technologies
  • Vision:
    Efficient, accountable and resilient world
  • Business
    1. Solution services with satellite data
    2. Development and operation of small SAR satellites


  • Synergy of Spirit
    As part of Synspective, we embark on this journey together, bringing with us our combined experiences and life. As a team, we recognize that the team’s goals are my personal goals, and my goals are the team’s goals. We each share a part of the responsibility to succeed.
    I constantly communicate to align my efforts with our goal. I manage my energy and time to maximize team performance. I give more than I take. I provide value when needed and I take responsibility for my own behavior.
  • Synthesis of Knowledge
    We try to create new value under conditions that have huge uncertainty and volatility. The only way for us to succeed is to progress through trial and error that we learn from and make changes based on our new knowledge.
    I listen actively and respectfully to others’ opinions, consider it logically and examine my assumptions, and discuss it with my team constructively. I learn by doing and building upon our experiences. I aim to achieve better results with every new attempt. I accelerate the collective learning process by openly sharing experiences and knowledge with my team.
  • Synched with the Future
    We have an obligation to create a sustainable future for the next generations. To do so, we must tackle tough challenges as pioneers, leaving our comfort zones that prevent our growth.
    I recognize that a smart failure is a step toward success and try to learn from the past to solve new issues in the future. I set aggressive goals and divide them into sprint-victories in order to continue to tangibly advance and make progress. I consider the future, prepare for it, and actively engage in making it happen with quick actions and decisions.

Compensation & Arrangements:
  • Employment system: Full-time(Nontenured). All members are contract-based employees. The contract is renewed in every 6 months based on Management by objective to assist individual growth and team growth
  • Benefits: Commuting expense, health insurance, employees' pension insurance
  • Flexible work-hour and location
  • Others: Part-Time or second job allowed