Enterprise-SaaS Product Marketing

Job description

Democratizing SAR satellite data to deploy meaning insights anytime, anywhere is what drive as. At Synspective, we are developing an industry-specific SaaS platform and services to make visible what has been traditionally invisible.

Combining new geospatial and terrestrial data through applied analytics, we aim to support data-driven decision making where it most matters: on everyday business operations.

Two important coming milestones are about to come soon in 2020. First, the release of a geo-intelligence SaaS Service and second, the launch of our own small radar satellite.

In our journey, we have already welcomed more than 70 talented professionals in the fields of satellite engineering and software solutions development, now we are waiting for you.

Your objectives

  • Understand our SAR/data-scientific solution service products
  • Develop in-depth knowledge of target markets in Asia and strategize how to best introduce our product into each market
  • Create sales tools to support our sales engineers


Job requirements

Minimum qualifications

  • Strong experience in B2B vertical SaaS product marketing (product marketing of B2B SaaS for a specialized industry)
  • Business level of both English and Japanese languages (writing and speaking)
  • Entrepreneurial mindset to drive leadership and innovations, which are key factors for us being an early stage startup


Preferred qualifications

  • BtoB Sales experience
  • Strong marketing background in Technology Consulting or Software Manufacturers in the fields of construction, infrastructure, finance, or real-estate


Our Culture:
  • Mission:
    Synthetic Data for Perspective on Sustainable Development
  • Vision:
    Efficient, accountable and resilient world
  • Business
    1. Solution services with satellite data
    2. Development and operation of small SAR satellites
  • Behavior:
    Time is the most important resource. We, as one team, aim to achieve the best results in the shortest time.
    1. Fairness
      • Respect each member’s lifestyle, experiences, culture and mission
      • Be honest to data
      • Appreciate counter opinions and feedback
    2. Efficiency
      • Take a control of your time and be responsible to your performance
      • Make recurring tasks automated
      • Carry out through “selection and concentration”
    3. Proactiveness
      • Proactively identify problems and act immediately
      • Never afraid to fail
      • Be candid and ask team for help whenever needed
    4. Collective Intelligence
      • Individual growth leads to team growth. Keep learning and share with the team
      • Be social and expand your network. Use external resources as necessary
Compensation & Arrangements:
  • Employment system: Full-time(Nontenured). All members are contract-based employees. The contract is renewed in every 6 months based on Management by objective to assist individual growth and team growth
  • Benefits: Commuting expense, health insurance, employees' pension insurance
  • Flexible work-hour and location
  • Others: Part-Time or second job allowed