Global Business Development

Job description

※See below for the English version.



  • 衛星データを活用したソリューションサービスの海外マーケット参入および事業拡大をリードする
  • APAC拠点と連携しながら、各マーケットへの参入にあたって必要な営業企画・営業推進活動の遂行
  • APAC・欧米・南米・中東など各地域におけるパートナーの発掘、エンゲージメントの強化
  • 各拠点のパフォーマンス向上に必要なオペレーションの構築やHQオフィスとの連携強化
  • 各マーケットの情報をもとにした事業開発業務
  • 事業計画立案のための俯瞰的な情報の収集・分析


  • 海外でのビジネス立ち上げ経験または海外拠点での3年以上の業務経験
  • 新規事業開発または新規サービス企画に携わった経験
  • BtoB無形商材の法人営業経験
  • ソフトウェア技術やITサービスに対する基礎的な理解
  • ビジネスレベルの英語力、日本語力


  • パートナー戦略構築およびマネジメント経験
  • チームマネジメント経験
  • コンサルティングビジネス経験
  • 高いデータ分析能力、計画策定力

処遇 福利厚生 他:

  • 福利厚生: 通勤交通費,社会保険完備, 健康診断(年1回)
  • 服装自由,フレックス制度,ポジションによっては、リモートワーク可
  • 副業可

We are developing industry-specific solution services that utilize satellite data. We aim to support data-driven decision making, business growth, and risk management through data science that combines the latest geospatial and terrestrial data.

  • Leading the entry into overseas markets and business expansion of solution services utilizing satellite data
  • Execution of sales planning and sales promotion activities necessary for entering each market in collaboration with APAC bases
  • Finding partners and strengthening engagement in each region such as APAC, Europe, America, South America, and the Middle East
  • Build operations necessary to improve the performance of each base and strengthen cooperation with HQ offices
  • Business development work based on information on each market
  • Collecting and analyzing bird's-eye view information for business planning

Job requirements

Minimum qualifications:
  • Experience in starting a business overseas or more than 3 years of work experience at an overseas base
  • Experience involved in new business development or new service planning
  • Corporate sales experience for B2B software products
  • Basic understanding of software technology and IT services
  • Business level English and Japanese

Preferred qualifications:
  • Partner strategy building and management experience
  • Team management experience
  • Consulting business experience
  • High data analysis ability, planning ability

Compensation & Arrangements:

  • Benefits: Commuting expense, health insurance, employees' pension insurance
  • Flexible work-hour and location
  • Others: (Part-Time or) second job allowed


  • Mission:
    Synthetic Data for Perspective on Sustainable Development

  • Vision:
    Efficient, accountable and resilient world

  • Business:
    1. Solution services with satellite data
    2. Development and operation of small SAR satellites

  • Behavior:
    Time is the most important resource. We, as one team, aim to achieve the best results in the shortest time.

    1. Fairness
      • Respect each member’s lifestyle, experiences, culture, and mission
      • Be honest to data
      • Appreciate counter opinions and feedback

    2. Efficiency
      • Take control of your time and be responsible for your performance
      • Make recurring tasks automated
      • Carry out through “selection and concentration”

    3. Proactiveness
      • Proactively identify problems and act immediately
      • Never afraid to fail
      • Be candid and ask team for help whenever needed

    4. Collective Intelligence
      • Individual growth leads to team growth. Keep learning and share with the team
      • Be social and expand your network. Use external resources as necessary