Senior Platform Engineer

Job description


Solution Platform Department is a software engineering team that develops solutions using satellite data and machine learning/image processing algorithms.

  • Design and develop a Large-scale satellite data processing platform including data management, Processing pipeline management with distributed processing architecture.

  • Develop customer-facing analytics delivery services web-app, API, SDK.

  • SaaS operation service development for Customer account, billing, Authorization, and Authentication management.

We are seeking a senior engineer to lead the design and develop new features and ensure best engineering practices in the team.


  • Exhibit a high standard of technical direction, design documentation, and testing for the development team.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure the stability, scalability, and reliability of the platform and enable efficient application delivery.

  • Cover the skill building backend API and platform system and system linkage and operating ops and incident response.

  • Deliver multiple data products with multiple automation pipeline

  • Lead the design and development of new features for the solution platform

  • Bring engineering best practices and Ensuring that engineering processes are followed

Job requirements

Minimum Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience in developing and maintaining SaaS/PaaS as a Back end developer

  • Proven coding skills in Go or Python

  • Building customer-facing cloud-native systems using Docker, Kubernetes from scratch

  • Experience in leading mid-large-size projects in a cross-functional team with agile methodology.

  • Experience in designing and developing to ensure the stability, scalability, and reliability of application and infrastructure

  • Solid understanding of CI/CD with Github, GithubAction/ArgoCD, and GCP artifacts

  • Experience of designing the testing/monitoring for services.

  • Experience in developing systems on GCP or AWS

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in developing and maintaining ETL/ Data processing pipeline for ML/AI

  • Experience in using workflow engines like Argo, Airflow, Kubeflow

  • Experience as "tech lead" or "team lead"
    • Experience in facilitating the right conversations and settling disagreements

    • Build complex and resilient and adaptive systems and teams

  • Experience in developing distributed processing with job queue and job scheduling

  • Understanding of SLA and SLO and related metrics

  • Experience in Service development using GIS/Map, satellite data