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Open position / キャリア登録

  • Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Job description








・通勤交通費支給 (月額上限3万円まで)
・語学学習の費用サポート (月3万円まで)


For those who are interested in a career at SYNSPECTIVE but don't find the right job opening at this time or don't know exactly how could they fit in the organization, please register here in our talent pool.
We will review your profile and contact you if you were to be a good fit to any of our teams. Since we are growing rapdily, chances are that you might be asked for your availability in the near future.

* By registering, we will match not only public jobs but also private jobs / new jobs before publication.
* We will contact you if there is a job that may matches your experience and skills.
Please note that we won't be able to contact every applicant if we don't find a good fit for them.

What is the appeal of working at our company?
◆ Because of the diverse and open corporate culture, we provide an environment where you can challenge what you want to do and set your own objectives.
Ideal candidates should have a self-learner attitude but be open to take the numerous opportunities to learn from team mates and peers.

Job requirements

Qualification requirements:

・ Ideal candidates should be problem-solvers and like to take action.

・ Ideal candidates should be passionate about improving technology

・ Ideal candidates should be good communicators since we believe in team-work as one of our funamental pillars from success. 

Employment form: Permanent employee

Compensation & Arrangements:

  • Benefits: Commuting expense, health insurance, employees' pension insurance
  • Flexible work-hour and location
  • Others: Part-Time or second job allowed


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