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Satellite Operation Engineer

  • Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo, Japan
Satellite System Development Dept. No.1

Job description

About Dept. and Unit:

  • The Satellite Development Department 1 designs, develops and performs maintenance for satellites. The Operation unit is in charge of LEOP and Commissioning of all satellites, and the maintenance of all satellites on orbit.


    As a satellite operation engineer you will be responsible for overall satellite health and maintenance operations. You will monitor the satellite telemetry, in real-time as well as recorded data to determine the health and condition of the satellite. You will identify and report anomalies and work together with design engineers to perform troubleshooting.

    Working together with other satellite and ground system teams, you will be part of the launch and early operation planning as well as nominal, recovery and decommissioning operations.

    It is also expected that you will participate in improving operation processes and workflow and provide feedback to satellite and ground system design engineers.

    ※As part of your satellite operation duties, you will be required to respond to emergencies during night or weekends.

    Deatails of work:

    The work involves real time satellite operation, telemetry analysis, and troubleshooting of anomalies when they occur

    Selling points of the role:

    • Fast paced atmosphere

    • Freedom to work independently or as a group, depending on preference.

    • Possibility to match individual pursuits with goals of the company.

    • Flexible hours

    • Ability to have a stake in decision making

    • Frequent interaction with other teams

    Scope of Change:

    Within Satellite Development 1

Job requirements

Minimum qualifications / 必須要件

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering (preferred) or its equivalent
  • Basic programming skills
  • Problem solver, critical thinker
  • Team player that thrives under pressure
  • Business level English and Basic Japanese

Preferred qualifications / 希望要件

  • 1-3 years work experience in space industry, satellite development and operations preferred

  • Experience with spacecraft operations or sub system design in any of the following fields: Electrical Power Systems, Propulsion, Attitude Control or Communication Systems

  • Experience in small satellite design/operation

Work Location

①Office: Headquarters

Address: 3-10-3 Miyoshi, Koto City, Tokyo

Passive smoking Measures

・Smoking is prohibited indoors in principle

(the designated outdoor smoking area is available)

②Office: Yamato Technology Center

Address: 3-7-1 Chuorinkan Nishi, Yamato City, Kanagawa

Passive smoking Measures

・Smoking is prohibited indoors in principle

(the designated outdoor smoking area is available)

Scope of Change:

Working locations can be specified by the company

(including locations other than where employees usually work, "Remote Work")



テンポの速い環境で、希望に応じて単独でもチームでも自由に仕事ができます。会社の成長と個人の成長をマッチさせることができ、裁量高く意思決定にも関与できます。 フレキシブルな勤務時間と他のチームの専門性の高いメンバーとの頻繁な交流も魅力です。

Minimum qualifications / 必須要件

  • 航空宇宙工学の学士号(優遇)または同等の学位
  • 基本的なプログラミングスキル
  • 問題解決能力、批判的思考
  • プレッシャーに強いチームプレーヤー
  • ビジネスレベルの英語

Preferred qualifications / 希望要件

-以下のいずれかの分野における宇宙機運用またはサブシステム設計の経験: 電力システム、推進システム、姿勢制御システム、通信システム。


事業所名 本社

住所  東京都江東区三好3丁目10-3



②事業所名 ヤマトテクノロジーセンター

住所  神奈川県大和市中央林間西3-7-1






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